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Fall Favorite Update

Seasonal Transitions

The transition period between summer and fall can be difficult to navigate, luckily The UWI twins summer collection moves brilliantly into the new season. The pieces feature innovative design, such as color blocking and modern cuts, resulting in a cutting edge look that is undeniably fresh and fabulous! Because their looks are ahead of their time, the pieces outshine other collections, and keep you looking great. One of the most intriguing ensembles from the men’s collection features a staggered hemline, that is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. A bold graphic and color blocked pattern finishes the look, creating the perfect top to pair with any pants in your current wardrobe. Match it with a light jacket...

Arts Lasting Inspiration

Art is a human universal. People from all over the world share in the experience of creativity, producing art that evokes emotion within it’s viewers. Art is crucial to our existence, providing us with an outlet to express our inward thoughts and feelings. Throughout history, there have been many great artists who have transformed traditional mindsets and stretched boundaries to create beauty in a new way. Van Gogh was one of the world’s spectacular artists, producing work that made people stop and think. Recently, a new van Gogh piece was discovered. On September 24th, it was on display at a museum in Amsterdam, where it inspired a new generation. This discovery shows how art makes a lasting impact, and will...
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