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If “perseverance” had a personification, it would probably be the extraordinary Uwi Twins (pronounced ‘oo-wie’). Fighting for life at the young age of seven, Reuben and Lévi were able to escape the Rwandan Genocide in 1994 with a determination to not just survive, but thrive. Today, they expertly teach the “art of looking good” with a style of survival. The under-30 international entrepreneurs use fashion to pave the way for progress, preaching, “Follow your dreams, and succeed in different ways. Rather than following a predetermined path to greatness, create greatness!”

Uwi Twins tell their real-life story of birth and survival through the lens of street style.  They created Uwi Twins with a message to inspire others to live creatively.  Living in Africa, Canada, and traveling through Hong Kong has brought a unique insight to the designs.  The 1987 graphic on the unisex tee symbolizes the year the twins were born, while the image shows them at seven years old when Reuben and Lévi were forced to leave their native country to survive, and also determined to succeed.


Reuben and Lévi Uwi use fashion to express their experiences. The designers tell a story of   success through clothing with South Beach sleek white, and comfortably fit clean lines. Uwi Twins is for the urban artist lifestyle, bringing hints of bold colors and compliments of animal prints, inspired by the safaris on their recent trip back home. Pops of color in a matching hue of red, paired nicely with a favorite set of headphones, create a perfect UWI swag.

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