Vancouver Fashion Week Review

Vancouver Fashion Week concluded last month. The UWI twins premiered their Summer 2014 line, showcasing their cutting-edge designs that wowed the audience. There were two aspects of the show that demonstrated their ability to think outside of the box. The first, was the behind-the-scenes video that was shown. It featured the shooting of the look-book, and gave the audience a window into the fabulous lifestyle that the brand represents. The second element that differentiated the UWI Twin’s show was the speech that Reuben and Levi gave after their collection premiered. They thanked the audience for their attendance, and celebrated the culmination of their hard work. It was clear that the twins are on the road to success, creating wearable artwork that reflects sophistication and smart style.

Full Video of the Fashion show produced by Vancouver Fashion Week Here.

Images by Dave Rollings in the following Link.

More Images by Ed Ng Here.


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