Let’s Talk About Makeup

No matter how great an outfit is, your look won’t be complete without the perfect makeup! This season, makeup trends focus on emphasizing one feature with a standout color. If you love your lips, look for a deep burgundy shade to make your mouth pop. If you want to make your eyes look mysterious, try a gold shimmer eye-shadow and black, wing tipped eyeliner. These combinations are irresistible and flirtatious, drawing the eye to your favorite feature. Choose one feature to play up, and opt for simple makeup on the rest of your face. If you choose to wear a deep red lipstick, use minimal eye makeup. If you play up your eyes, opt for a neutral lipstick shade. Choosing your favorite feature to highlight and balancing a bold lip or eye with a natural look will help you look sophisticated and sexy, putting the perfect finishing touch on your favorite look! 

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