HuffPost: This Spring's Top Menswear Trends Are Bold And Bright

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I am always trying to keep current on the latest trends, and this includes menswear, too!

Recently, I was fortunate enough to speak with Lévi Uwi, president and designer atUwi Twins Fashion. Lévi shared with me his top tips for menswear this spring and his inspirations.

Lévi, along with his twin brother Reuben Uwi, were born in Rwanda in 1987. They escaped the 1994 genocide with their parents and siblings living in Kenya, until they came to Vancouver, Canada in 1998 at the age of 10.

Now, they design some of the most cutting-edge menswear, and their clothes have been featured on fashion runways around the world. Their clothes are also sold in boutiques globally and popular in New York. One of their biggest inspirations are celebrities like Drake.

What are the top styles for menswear this season?

Ripped jean shorts for the guys are hot this season, with a nice signature white T-shirt to go along with. Menswear has had a huge growth in the past decade and the guys have become very fashion conscious these days.

Menswear is all about building a closet with investment pieces and less about trendy items. Look for top styles that are bold in colour and cuts, and don't be shy to wear pieces with prints, as this will show your innate fashion sense.

What are the colours on trend this spring?

I'm all about the classic colours that remain timeless -- bold colours like red, blue and purple will keep you stylish. Push the boundaries and wear pink to show off your boldness.

Look for light pink, white, black and royal blue.

What are the new combinations for menswear?

The hot new combination is putting together an outfit that might be considered to have opposite colours. This will make a bold statement. The classic black-and-white combination will never go away so you can't go wrong with an outfit that gives you great contrast and highlights smart design.

Do you have tips on how guys can add accessories to an outfit?

Definitely need a nice pair of sunglasses and a fresh watch to match.

How can men add these trends to their everyday look?

Putting together these new looks is very simple, pair a simple white T-Shirt with a pair of shorts this spring for an effortless, cool wardrobe look. A great wardrobe addition is a stylish pink shirt paired with classic white pants.

What are the biggest mistakes guys make with their wardrobe?

Wearing socks with sandals is a big faux pas. Get that pedicure to make sure this does not happen and your toes are ready for the summer.

What advice would you give for a fresh new look this spring?

Don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone by trying new colour combinations. I see over-sized shirts back in style and pairing your vintage tee and some new khaki shorts will show your individuality.

Any other tips?

Make sure you always have a fresh haircut for that summer date, and your shoe game has to be top class at all times.

I am going to share all of these fashion tips with the men in my life.

Please let me know if you have any style questions and I will do my best to find the answers for you. Let's have the very best year ever!

Article by: Sacha DeVoretz


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