Chaos Magazine: Uwi Twins Fashion Label Inspires to Live Creatively

Perseverance has always been a quality to admire. Overcoming the odds and paving a path of success holds the highest of merits in our society. If there was an award for doing just that it could easily go to Rwandan Canadian twins, Reuben and Lévi Uwi, ten times over. These two have survived unimaginable odds and created an empire for themselves that spans over many fields.

Reuben and Lévi have unique way of viewing creativity. They see it as more than a motivator for art. Instead they see it as a lifestyle – one that they choose to live whether it be in front of a camera or through the embodiment of their fashion house. Uwi Twins Fashion Label (U.T.F.L) is the true representation of how Reuben and Lévi live their lives.

In a few short years the twins have showcased just what can be achieved with a unique eye and boatloads of ideas and determination. U.T.F.L has recently undergone tremendous growth by acquiring media mastermind, Lindsay Smith, as both a mentor and an adviser. Additionally the company has received financial backing from the Canadian Youth Business Foundation. Both major coups have only led to a tremendous showing of their Inaugural collection for over 150 people at Vancouver’s Fashion Week.

Now previous accolades aside, it’s important to see what the Uwi twins have in store as their next move. Their newest collection for Spring/Summer 2014 unfortunately doesn’t go live until April of this year, but there’s no need to fret. This collection is available now for pre-ordering. But as a gesture of good faith and a means to satisfy those who need their instant gratification the U.T.F.L is making two of t-shirts from their new collection available for purchase right now!

Both shirts are being modeled by Lévi and Rueben themselves and they are both nearly Warhol-esque in appearance. The collage t-shirt is just that. Stylistically consisting of magazine and news clippings to create a portrait of a pair of twin boys. This shirt is bright without being overtly so, relying on the impact of the orange to really pop out against the blues and grays.

The 1987 shirt features the same set of twins, except the design here is a lot simpler. Rather than adding color, this t-shirt is composed of a cut out of the boys creating the number ‘1987’. It’s wholly very simple, but the way those boys ensnare attention will leave you wanting to know more.

This collection features 20 looks, split evenly between the guys and the gals. As a whole the collection brings a very interesting blend of cool sophisticate then turns that on its head with dramatic urban accents. Many looks are made to showcase versatility, enabling the wearer to dress up or dress down any look. Others are simply new takes on old classics, such as the white shirt on white pants broken up by the black jacket with the white ribbon stamps.

It’s also clear that the boys at U.T.F.L aren’t afraid to ramp up the vibrancy with the use of electrifying magentas and rich purples. They’ve added a few instances of blocking in their arsenal as well. These added nuances really give this collection an added ‘wow’ factor.

This collection is all about finding and highlighting the individual, opening that little door in everyone’s mind that lays the foundation for them to create their own lifestyle of creativity.



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