The Inspiration Part 1

Inspiration is the driving force behind our actions, guiding our choices everyday. There are two kinds of inspiration, internal and external. The most common of the two is external. Everyday we discover something around us that encourages us to think in a new way, changing our previous mindset. This type of inspiration is necessary to life, without it we would become stagnant and complacent, content with our mediocrity. However, it is nothing without the internal drive and inspiration to create something unique that stems from our personality and life experience.

The UWI twins understand what it means to be inspired by their surroundings, and are in tune with their internal creativity and drive. They came out of a hard situation, into the unknown and went on to create something beautiful and inspirational to all. Reuben and Lévi grew up in Rwanda, where they escaped genocide. Their mother’s bravery brought them out into a new world, and they moved to Vancouver, B.C. The twins saw this opportunity as a blank canvas awaiting their masterpiece.

Since their childhood, they have been passionate about fashion, music and acting. Their mother encouraged them to dream, having faith that they could achieve anything they set their minds to. Her strong  will and persistence was influential in their lives and affected the way they viewed every obstacle in their path. Despite the odds, the twins have gone on to flourish in the acting and fashion industry, incorporating their love for music every chance they have. Their new U.T.F.L. clothing line is inspired by Hip-Hop and House Music, two genres that excite and captivate them.

Reuben and Lévi want every underdog to have an opportunity to shine. They serve as a symbol of hope, and are living proof that you can achieve anything you set your mind to if you posses passion and persistence. Their stick-to-itiveness serves as an inspiration to many coming from humble beginnings, giving others the courage to try. While the twins’ external inspiration comes from a variety of sources, including their mother and music, their internal inspiration is driven by being a light for others. Their longing to empower individuals to achieve success outweighs any dream of fortune or fame. It is this internal desire to help others that differentiates them from anyone else in the fashion and entertainment industry, making them an inspiration to all!

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