The Birth Of The Brand Part 2

Fashion enables us to tell the world our story. Every individual has unique tastes and preferences that mark them as one of a kind. It is these differences that make our world a diverse and beautiful place to call home. The UWI twins embrace their differences, and have worked to create U.T.F.L., a clothing line that celebrates their defining characteristics and empowers others to express themselves through the art of clothing.

Experimenting with different styles is a great way to convey your perspective to others. Pairing clothes and accessories in an inspired way shows off your idea of beauty. Just as a painting conveys the emotion of the artist, your wardrobe and outfit choices each day can send a different message to those around you. If you want to radiate confidence, a bold print or fitted style is a powerful expression. If you’re feeling flirtatious, a full dress with beautiful movement is a great representation of that.

The UWI twins understand the art of clothing, and have been involved in the fashion industry for 7 years. They are equipped with the needed skills and knowledge to venture out and brand themselves. U.T.F.L. is a unique clothing line, because it embraces their background and personalities, creating something fresh and exciting that empowers individuals to tell their story and create an image for themselves.

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