The Selfie Age

Scroll down your Instagram or Facebook newsfeed and you’re sure to be bombarded by countless selfie snapshots. Hold the camera up, open your eyes wide, and snap the photo. This phenomenon has swept social media, making every cellphone owner feel like a model. So how has this trend affected the fashion industry, which revolves around modeling?

The selfie celebrates normalcy, featuring real-life people as the subject of portraits. This has shifted viewers’ tastes in models, making them more apt to gravitate towards the “real girl,” rather than the super model. As a result, viewers have witnessed a move towards magazines featuring regular people in their pages. This created the perfect window for the birth of the blogging age. All of the sudden, the girl in the apartment next door has the power to feature herself in new trends and appeal to a mass audience through different social media platforms. This has led to a boom in the fashion industry, allowing up and coming designers to become popular through the blogging sphere.

The selfie age is drastically influencing the fashion industry, paving the way for fresh faces to break into the business and make a name for themselves. Look out fashion world, the selfie trend is here to stay.

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