Breaking Into The Business

Breaking into the fashion industry requires creativity and business sense. It’s no longer good enough to go to a top of the line fashion institute and learn the trade. The industry is all about standing out, and the only way that you can stand out is if you are passionate and talented.

The Uwi twins are often asked about how they made it in the fashion industry, and their response is that they just started doing something that they loved. When aspiring designers approach one of the twins and ask for advice about how to get into the fashion industry, they suggest that he or she starts interning at a showroom or fashion week, which will help him or her create a network of people who are already in the industry.

Having a network is invaluable in the fashion industry. The more people you know, the more opportunities you will have to showcase your talent and drive. If working in the fashion industry is something that you’re passionate about, just keep doing what you love. If you’re doing something that you’re really passionate about, people are bound to notice and eventually, you’ll get to the place that you want to be. There’s no end to what handwork and talent can achieve.


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