Popup shop recap

It is crucial for designers to cultivate their vision and stick to it. Having faith in your vision allows you to make it a reality. If every designer simply followed the trends, there would be no progress. There needs to be designers that are bold enough to push the boundaries and incorporate their inspiration to create something fresh and totally new. So When July came around we were so excited to share our vision with rest of the world, on july 4th to 6th we had the official Uwi Twins launch event. I would like to say thank you to everyone that came out and supported Lévi and I, it was so great seeing all the amazing friends, family and new friends that came out and showed us so much love. To all the media (The Vancouver Sun, The Province, Montreal Gazette, Huffington Post Canada, Calgary Herald, Vancouver Magazine, Myvancity.ca, Vancouver Scape, Vancity Buzz, Hello Vancity, Business in Vancouver, CKNW 980AM) Thank you for covering the event and the continued support we really couldn’t thank you enough. We would like to give a HUGE shoutout to Scandal beer, they kept the cold fresh drinks coming all night by sponsoring the pop up shop on july 4th, check them out and don’t be shy to name drop the Uwi Twins!


Reuben Uwi,


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