Rich Hipster

Hipster culture has slowly seeped into city life. Men and women in their 20s and 30s have bought into this counter-culture movement that embraces oddities and education, yielding an intriguing group of individuals. The hipster movement touches all aspects of life, including music, entertainment, and fashion. The movement is more of a lifestyle than a fad, earning it a great amount of attention in the recent months.

What started as college-campus subgroup of people who couldn’t afford modern clothing has slowly morphed into an undeniable force in the fashion industry. Stores such as American Apparel and Urban Outfitters cater specifically towards the hipster group and pair vintage inspired pieces with gaudy fabrics to create something unique that will standout from the crowd.

The question is why would rich people want to dress like they’re poor? Authentic hipsters dress in vintage clothing because they cannot afford modern pieces, but the rich hipsters are choosing to dress beneath their social status. This demonstrates their desire to break the mold that society has set for them. It is an act of rebellion against culture, pushing the boundaries of status and economic standing.

Hipsters pride themselves on their novel tastes, once against demonstrating a rebellion against culture. They’re constantly searching out the latest music that no one has discovered, because mainstream just isn’t cool. This trend has begun to attract individuals from every economic status. Rich kids love the idea of breaking the mold, making them a driving force in this fashion trend. They are willing to pay top dollar for clothes that look vintage and rare, propelling the movement into greater popularity. It appears that the hipster trend is here to stay. At least until the next big thing comes along.

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